Tuesday, March 11, 2014

6 Months!

6 Months down for my Love! Cody and I have grown so much together with in these past 6 months :) I love him so much ♥

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Valentine's Day Package ♥

After starting this package about the middle of January, I finally got the finishing touches done and sent it off to my lovely missionary Monday :) I am so excited for him to get it soon, I know he will love it!
Sadly, this is probably my last package...or at least the last one that will be all crafty and cute, since I am leaving for my mission in a little less than 2 months! Gosh it is sure sneaking up on me haha. So I really wanted to make it special and put a lot of love in it before I leave. Honestly, I just went to the store one day and bought random stuff, I sort of had a plan, but I didn't know most of it. It really came together perfect though! (Umm...so the stuff on top of the words on the side flaps was supposed to be glitter...but I messed up haha)

In this package I really got crafty and used Pinterest a lot!
First things first, I bought him a tie and made sure that I wrote him a message on the back of it....I totally forgot for his Christmas package and I am still mad about that haha.
Yellow is my favorite color so I knew this would remind him of me :)

After writing the first line I realized that I probably should have used a Sharpie pen instead of a regular pen..I don't know if that will effect it when he washes it, but I hope not.

I saw this box at the store and I thought it was soo perfect for Cody! I had to get it, but I knew the chocolates inside weren't going to be too wonderful since they were a weird brand I have never heard of...soo I paid 4 bucks for the box and dumped the chocolates out haha and filled it with much much BETTER candy! :) 

Long and behold, the GOOD chocolate! Plus Lindor Truffles, even better :) 

Yep I went there...Pinterest! :) Made this and also threw it in the box of chocolates.
It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be...As you can see, it was kind of hard to get the whole "I love you" to show when you opened it, but I figured he would get the point! 

Just me being silly! Thought this was cute and I know he will love it!
"I MUSTACHE you to be my Valentine ♥"

Some pages of our favorite animals.
He loves hippos and I love zebras :)

Small highlighters that he can use for his studying.

I loved this idea on Pinterest because I still want to tie this all into the gospel.
I bought the valentine conversation hearts and just put them with the scriptures that applied. My favorite scripture was "Sweet Talk-Psalms 119:103". I thought this scripture was totally adorable so go look it up! haha ♥

Gummy Worms-Love Bugs
Hershey's Kisses-Hugs & Kisses
Just put these in a Ziploc and stapled the signs on them...easy!

Ok, this was my most favorite project ever! I found this idea on Pinterest (of course :p) and there was a printable available..so easy right...well my printer has been out of ink for about 2 months now (ink is expensive!) sooo I compromised and went to plan B which would be a lot cuter and my opinion way more fun! If your printer does happen to have color ink...have at it!

Of course he loves Star Wars and I knew he would love for me to throw in a cute geeky thing so I found this "Yoda Best Valentine" and went to work!

 I printed out the original print out, but with black and white. I cut out the shape of Yoda and then traced it on white paper. Then I filled in the extra lines and such and colored him the same as the original printout and cut that out.

Then I got some brown card stock paper and made the ground as showed in the original. I colored the background according to the original, taped the brown card stock on (I had no glue haha), placed Yoda in his spot and wrote the phrase "Yoda Best Valentine" on it.

It is supposed to look like he is holding a lightsaber so I poked a hole in behind his hand and stuck a glow stick in the hole and taped it in place! And Ta Da! You have a Yoda Valentine :)

I had extra glow sticks and just threw the rest in the box...figured they all would have fun with them. I didn't break any of them though because by the time he got the package they probably wouldn't be glowing anymore. He can make Yoda's lightsaber glow himself :)

To finish it up I did another "Open When" letter for Valentine's Day and I printed out 2 General Conference talks, read them myself, and marked them up and put my thoughts in the margins. I know he will enjoy his girl's insights on the talks as well :) The talks were "Being a Righteous Husband and Father" -President Howard W. Hunter and "Nurturing Marriage" -Elder Russell M. Nelson. I threw some Power Ranger valentines on top and wrote cute things on the To and From parts. I always tell him that he needs to share all the candy with the other elders too haha

I am so happy the way this turned out! I hand stitched "Hi Love" on card stock paper and I just love it!
It was very easy also. I just wrote what I wanted it to say and then poked holes tracing along the letters. I grabbed my needle and tread and stitched the thread through the holes. Then I went back over it again so it would be a solid line, but I think it looks cute either way!

After I stitched it all up...I really didn't know how I was going to use it haha So this is what I ended up doing. I cut it out and used it for the box! (Sorry it is so blurry....)

And with that my ideas flowed and Mickey and Minnie came into the picture! I had the stitched word mean to be sort of "in between" Micky and Minnie as if they are saying it to each other haha anyways here is the rest of the cuteness!

And of course I had to write him some more cute words to him ♥

This package was really fun, but it was a lot of work just because I had a lot of handmade things but, that is ok because it was fun and it kept me busy! I am soo excited for him to get it and to know what he thought about it :) Especially the Yoda Valentine haha 
Let me know your thoughts on this and if you want to take any ideas from here GO FOR IT! 

Cody also sent me a little something and of course I can't open it until Valentine's Day haha so here I am waiting still, but a couple days for a Missionary Girlfriend is a piece of cake! He is the sweetest and I love him to death...and even after that hehe  Cody is my best friend and I wouldn't choose anybody else! He has put so much into our relationship and has always forgiven me for my mistakes. I know he loves me unconditionally as do I for him ♥
Together Forever
Never Let You Go

Stay strong girlies!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Whole Months!

5 months down already?! Things are really picking up and I can't believe it has been that long! Thought using Hershey's Kisses would be appropriate for this month ♥

Keep waiting for your Love :) The blessings are bigger than you can imagine!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

1, 2, 3, 4 months down!

Holy cow! Has it been 4 months down already?! haha now it is actually close to 5 months! Time really is flying by, but I really can't say it has been easy. This month has actually been the hardest. I think things are starting to finally hit me and set in now. Things like, "My best friend is gone. What do I do now?"
"Who can I tell this funny story to that will actually care..?"
"I need someone to talk to that will just sit and listen, but at the same time will comfort me and hold me."
Ya so this month has definitely hit me hard...BUT nothing has made me even give a second thought about giving up. There are many moments in my day where I am in a hard situation and I would like to take an easy way out, but there is always that one person who motivates me to keep going, to be better than that. I often (like really a lot in my day) think about what Cody would want me to do...how he would want me to act and what advice he would give me for that certain situation. I always want to just keep becoming the best wife that Cody deserves. I just think of the future in mind and think about if getting through this trial can help me grow to be better for Cody. Also, when I am being pouty (ha embarrassing to admit, but yes, there are days) or feeling sorry for myself, or not standing up for myself, I always think "How would I act if Cody were right here with me...would he be attracted to this?" This always helps me to perk up and realize that as Cody is growing on his mission and becoming a man, I need to grow as well and become a mature woman that he deserves. I hope all this makes sense...this is all really what helps me get through those stupid days. A really good friend of mine needed some advice a while ago and I told her the summary of this. I figured it was pretty good advice because she loved it so I thought I would share on here too so others can be helped as well.
As you think about it...this can also be applied to Christ. The phrase..."What would Jesus do" kind of is similar to all this and definitely should be thought about too!
So with all the good and hard times that have been brought up these past 4 months, I am still so deeply in love with my best friend and I am so proud of him. He is my support and I am his. I love this song sung by Jason Mraz called,"I Won't Give Up". It also really helps me to keep going because any amazing relationship is never worth just throwing away :)

So here is my traditional countdown picture...haha I am trying to become more creative. He loved it though so that is all that matters :p

And....about a week later we left the 600s! Woot Woot! :) Happy girl right here!

No matter what you are doing the time is always passing so CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

Keep Waiting :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 Package

So this package was totally last minute...I wasn't planning on doing anymore packages, maybe a Valentine's one, but Christmas was going to be the last big one since I will be leaving for my own mission soon. Well I thought about making Cody a calendar for the new year and include pictures of us, his family, temples, and him on his mission. I also had a few little things I wanted to send to him that couldn't fit in an envelope so that is when I decided, "Oh what the heck! Lets just throw in some other stuff too!". Haha so here is my last minute package that I came up with in like 24 hours.
Things included:
2 packs of Cheese n Pretzel Sticks 
(we loved eating these together)
2 Strawberry Twizzlers
A Chocolate Orange 
(I actually got this for Christmas, but I don't like them so I wanted to send it to him :p)
Blue Jolly Ranchers 
(His favorite)
(I can't believe I sent this to him haha it is freaking expensive, but I love him more so I told him in a letter that he better not waste any of it and that he better lick all the knives and plates clean!)
2014 Calendar

 I actually remembered to take a picture of my cute decorated box and I was so proud of myself haha. The calendar was really fun to make. Walgreens is a pretty good place to go have it made. They have a nice software to create and customize things and then you can have them print it out for you for pretty cheap. I made one for me and one for him, pretty similar, I just adjusted a few things between the two to fit them for each of us. The calendars were originally 20 bucks each, but I found a coupon code which are easy to find on the internet and I ended up spending about $14 for each. Walgreens is right across the street from my neighborhood so I was able to just go pick them up an hour later. If you have a Walgreens or Costco nearby I would suggest going this route to print nice things for cheaper. My printer ran out of color ink so this was a better alternative.

 I also tried this idea I found on Pinterest. You find a picture you like and put it on Word and use the "washout" feature. Then you put the paper you write letters on in the printer and print it on that paper. I thought these turned out way cute. Although next time I would darken the pictures a little more because after you have written a letter on them you can't really see the picture, only if you really knew it was there.

Cody and I are going to have to get used to this for 18 months! 
1 hour closer to him! haha

Hope this sparks up any ideas for all you MGs out there :)

Holiday Set #2

This year I decided to get a new Christmas dress and once I spotted this dress in the window of  Down East Basics I was in love...haha seriously though...this dress was going to be in my closet soon. When I first saw it, I was with a bunch of my friends at the mall and I didn't think I had enough money for it plus I just didn't want to try it on...just too much trouble when you have layers and layers of clothing on during the winter. Something just wouldn't leave me though...I just loved this dress and it was just so perfect the Christmas that was  coming up and it was MODEST! It went past my knees and it was actually really cute. Time went by and we ended up leaving, but my mind was still holding onto this dress. A few days later I told my mom about it and showed her it on the internet. She loved it too (That never happens! We can hardly agree on things when it comes to fashion haha) So we raced on down to Down East and got the dress. I was planning on paying for it, but she said she would buy it for me for Christmas. This dress is just so perfect and I can wear it on my mission! :)

Finally I found my red lace dress ♥

Bows ♥

So I am so in love with these lace hair bows! I got them at Claire's for 6 bucks and I just want to wear them everyday. I have a red and a black one and I really hope to get more before I leave for my mission. (Haha ignore my messy bathroom :p) Go check them out!

On Top Of The World

A few weeks before I got my mission call, my parents and I went to a Christmas party that is at a house up on the hill above the Capital. We went out onto the top of the hill afterwards and the view was spectacular! I wish my camera was better quality because these photos aren't even the half of it. The city was so beautiful to see from afar and it was so peaceful and quiet up above. Just made me think about how we do have such a beautiful world and that I am so grateful for it all. I can't wait to take Cody up here after our missions and really enjoy the world together ♥

Enjoy the rest!