2014 Package

So this package was totally last minute...I wasn't planning on doing anymore packages, maybe a Valentine's one, but Christmas was going to be the last big one since I will be leaving for my own mission soon. Well I thought about making Cody a calendar for the new year and include pictures of us, his family, temples, and him on his mission. I also had a few little things I wanted to send to him that couldn't fit in an envelope so that is when I decided, "Oh what the heck! Lets just throw in some other stuff too!". Haha so here is my last minute package that I came up with in like 24 hours.
Things included:
2 packs of Cheese n Pretzel Sticks 
(we loved eating these together)
2 Strawberry Twizzlers
A Chocolate Orange 
(I actually got this for Christmas, but I don't like them so I wanted to send it to him :p)
Blue Jolly Ranchers 
(His favorite)
(I can't believe I sent this to him haha it is freaking expensive, but I love him more so I told him in a letter that he better not waste any of it and that he better lick all the knives and plates clean!)
2014 Calendar

 I actually remembered to take a picture of my cute decorated box and I was so proud of myself haha. The calendar was really fun to make. Walgreens is a pretty good place to go have it made. They have a nice software to create and customize things and then you can have them print it out for you for pretty cheap. I made one for me and one for him, pretty similar, I just adjusted a few things between the two to fit them for each of us. The calendars were originally 20 bucks each, but I found a coupon code which are easy to find on the internet and I ended up spending about $14 for each. Walgreens is right across the street from my neighborhood so I was able to just go pick them up an hour later. If you have a Walgreens or Costco nearby I would suggest going this route to print nice things for cheaper. My printer ran out of color ink so this was a better alternative.

 I also tried this idea I found on Pinterest. You find a picture you like and put it on Word and use the "washout" feature. Then you put the paper you write letters on in the printer and print it on that paper. I thought these turned out way cute. Although next time I would darken the pictures a little more because after you have written a letter on them you can't really see the picture, only if you really knew it was there.

Cody and I are going to have to get used to this for 18 months! 
1 hour closer to him! haha

Hope this sparks up any ideas for all you MGs out there :)