Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Package

Its that time of year!!! I was so excited to do this package and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect because this would be my one and only Christmas package to him probably because I will be on my mission this time of year next year. Being a missionary, I most likely won't have the time nor the money to send super cute and creative packages like this to him so I am spoiling him as much as I can before I leave :p
So first off...I totally spaced taking a few essential the one where it shows everything inside the package and the flaps of the box are decorated.... :/ so I am very sorry, but just know they were super cute! :) I wanted to make sure I didn't give him anything that would be kind of a burden to lugg around. So mainly it is just all food because that is really what missionaries ever need haha
So first I made him some PJ bottoms. I really wanted to do this because they are really easy to sew up in like an hour, but I kept remembering that I couldn't because Cody is in a warm climate!  DUH! I kept wanting to throw in hot chocolate and cute warm things because it is snowy here! Well I found a solution to my problem and I knew he would really enjoy this! I would make him PJ bottom SHORTS! (modest of course :p) hehe so I found the perfect fabric and oh my goodness, it is soo Cody Taylor! :) If he doesn't like these there is something wrong with him haha I just hope they fit him...I was kind of nervous about the measurements because he has told me that he has gained some weight, but I am pretty sure they will still work out. 
So long and behold the Guitar Bermuda PJs :)

Oh I am soo excited to hear his reaction to these!

He also really wanted some fruit snacks (we love our fruit snacks! Yes we are still children here :p) so I threw some Star Wars and Mario ones in there. And he really loves his Chapstick. I found some candy cane flavored at the store and thought it would be perfect for the season. I also got him a stocking that the Chapstick and some fruit snacks will go in. Ha do you think that stocking is too girly? oh well he loves anything I give to him :)

Aw the ties! My favorite! I have been wanting to spoil him with every color of tie for the longest time...but he doesn't have much space in his suitcase so I need to hold myself back here lol Two Christmas ties will do fine. After I got home from the post office, I totally remembered that I forgot to write a message on the back of them :'( so I am beating myself up for that. I always forget something. Grr. Oh well. I always make sure I let him know that I still love him very much and I AM STILL WAITING! :)

Ok so I got him the goldfish that he always oh so desires :) We both love goldfish. One of the Elders in his mission specifically requested Flavor Blasted Goldfish so I got them for him as a joke. Hope they enjoy those. Cody also really likes Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and I knew he would love me forever if I remembered these :)

I wrapped them individually, I thought that they would all enjoy that and that way they can have presents to open and have fun wrapping paper...haha idk boys probably don't care much, but I know Cody will love it :)

Lastly, I made him this Christmas card! :) This was quite fun to make and I am so excited for him to open it!

On top of the presents I put a paper that tells him to not open until Christmas and sadly I forgot a picture of that, but you can imagine it for yourself :p
Well there is my Christmas package! Hope you all enjoyed! :)
Keep On Waiting :)

*Side note: My mission call should be here THIS WEEK! Tomorrow or Wednesday!
A Post about it very very soon!!! I can't wait to tell Cody ♥

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It is 3 months down since Elder Taylor left on his mission and wow! Things are picking up! The Christmas season has arrived and so weeks speed up and you find yourself with no time for anything! I honestly can't believe how much time flies in a day now that I am older! Ugh sometimes I just get so frustrated because I swear it was 10:00 pm 5 minutes ago when the clock reads midnight! Ahh where does all that time go! haha But I am also very grateful that time goes by quick because before I know it, Cody and I will both be home and ready to continue our lives together! I couldn't be more happier for how our life together has turned out so far. He has truly been a blessing in my life and I am never letting go of him :) 

Happy 3 months to all of you waiting for someone too ♥
Hang in there ladies :) This is only, but a moment!