Christmas Package

Its that time of year!!! I was so excited to do this package and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect because this would be my one and only Christmas package to him probably because I will be on my mission this time of year next year. Being a missionary, I most likely won't have the time nor the money to send super cute and creative packages like this to him so I am spoiling him as much as I can before I leave :p
So first off...I totally spaced taking a few essential the one where it shows everything inside the package and the flaps of the box are decorated.... :/ so I am very sorry, but just know they were super cute! :) I wanted to make sure I didn't give him anything that would be kind of a burden to lugg around. So mainly it is just all food because that is really what missionaries ever need haha
So first I made him some PJ bottoms. I really wanted to do this because they are really easy to sew up in like an hour, but I kept remembering that I couldn't because Cody is in a warm climate!  DUH! I kept wanting to throw in hot chocolate and cute warm things because it is snowy here! Well I found a solution to my problem and I knew he would really enjoy this! I would make him PJ bottom SHORTS! (modest of course :p) hehe so I found the perfect fabric and oh my goodness, it is soo Cody Taylor! :) If he doesn't like these there is something wrong with him haha I just hope they fit him...I was kind of nervous about the measurements because he has told me that he has gained some weight, but I am pretty sure they will still work out. 
So long and behold the Guitar Bermuda PJs :)

Oh I am soo excited to hear his reaction to these!

He also really wanted some fruit snacks (we love our fruit snacks! Yes we are still children here :p) so I threw some Star Wars and Mario ones in there. And he really loves his Chapstick. I found some candy cane flavored at the store and thought it would be perfect for the season. I also got him a stocking that the Chapstick and some fruit snacks will go in. Ha do you think that stocking is too girly? oh well he loves anything I give to him :)

Aw the ties! My favorite! I have been wanting to spoil him with every color of tie for the longest time...but he doesn't have much space in his suitcase so I need to hold myself back here lol Two Christmas ties will do fine. After I got home from the post office, I totally remembered that I forgot to write a message on the back of them :'( so I am beating myself up for that. I always forget something. Grr. Oh well. I always make sure I let him know that I still love him very much and I AM STILL WAITING! :)

Ok so I got him the goldfish that he always oh so desires :) We both love goldfish. One of the Elders in his mission specifically requested Flavor Blasted Goldfish so I got them for him as a joke. Hope they enjoy those. Cody also really likes Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and I knew he would love me forever if I remembered these :)

I wrapped them individually, I thought that they would all enjoy that and that way they can have presents to open and have fun wrapping paper...haha idk boys probably don't care much, but I know Cody will love it :)

Lastly, I made him this Christmas card! :) This was quite fun to make and I am so excited for him to open it!

On top of the presents I put a paper that tells him to not open until Christmas and sadly I forgot a picture of that, but you can imagine it for yourself :p
Well there is my Christmas package! Hope you all enjoyed! :)
Keep On Waiting :)

*Side note: My mission call should be here THIS WEEK! Tomorrow or Wednesday!
A Post about it very very soon!!! I can't wait to tell Cody ♥