The Valentine's Day Package ♥

After starting this package about the middle of January, I finally got the finishing touches done and sent it off to my lovely missionary Monday :) I am so excited for him to get it soon, I know he will love it!
Sadly, this is probably my last package...or at least the last one that will be all crafty and cute, since I am leaving for my mission in a little less than 2 months! Gosh it is sure sneaking up on me haha. So I really wanted to make it special and put a lot of love in it before I leave. Honestly, I just went to the store one day and bought random stuff, I sort of had a plan, but I didn't know most of it. It really came together perfect though! ( the stuff on top of the words on the side flaps was supposed to be glitter...but I messed up haha)

In this package I really got crafty and used Pinterest a lot!
First things first, I bought him a tie and made sure that I wrote him a message on the back of it....I totally forgot for his Christmas package and I am still mad about that haha.
Yellow is my favorite color so I knew this would remind him of me :)

After writing the first line I realized that I probably should have used a Sharpie pen instead of a regular pen..I don't know if that will effect it when he washes it, but I hope not.

I saw this box at the store and I thought it was soo perfect for Cody! I had to get it, but I knew the chocolates inside weren't going to be too wonderful since they were a weird brand I have never heard of...soo I paid 4 bucks for the box and dumped the chocolates out haha and filled it with much much BETTER candy! :) 

Long and behold, the GOOD chocolate! Plus Lindor Truffles, even better :) 

Yep I went there...Pinterest! :) Made this and also threw it in the box of chocolates.
It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be...As you can see, it was kind of hard to get the whole "I love you" to show when you opened it, but I figured he would get the point! 

Just me being silly! Thought this was cute and I know he will love it!
"I MUSTACHE you to be my Valentine ♥"

Some pages of our favorite animals.
He loves hippos and I love zebras :)

Small highlighters that he can use for his studying.

I loved this idea on Pinterest because I still want to tie this all into the gospel.
I bought the valentine conversation hearts and just put them with the scriptures that applied. My favorite scripture was "Sweet Talk-Psalms 119:103". I thought this scripture was totally adorable so go look it up! haha ♥

Gummy Worms-Love Bugs
Hershey's Kisses-Hugs & Kisses
Just put these in a Ziploc and stapled the signs on them...easy!

Ok, this was my most favorite project ever! I found this idea on Pinterest (of course :p) and there was a printable easy right...well my printer has been out of ink for about 2 months now (ink is expensive!) sooo I compromised and went to plan B which would be a lot cuter and my opinion way more fun! If your printer does happen to have color ink...have at it!

Of course he loves Star Wars and I knew he would love for me to throw in a cute geeky thing so I found this "Yoda Best Valentine" and went to work!

 I printed out the original print out, but with black and white. I cut out the shape of Yoda and then traced it on white paper. Then I filled in the extra lines and such and colored him the same as the original printout and cut that out.

Then I got some brown card stock paper and made the ground as showed in the original. I colored the background according to the original, taped the brown card stock on (I had no glue haha), placed Yoda in his spot and wrote the phrase "Yoda Best Valentine" on it.

It is supposed to look like he is holding a lightsaber so I poked a hole in behind his hand and stuck a glow stick in the hole and taped it in place! And Ta Da! You have a Yoda Valentine :)

I had extra glow sticks and just threw the rest in the box...figured they all would have fun with them. I didn't break any of them though because by the time he got the package they probably wouldn't be glowing anymore. He can make Yoda's lightsaber glow himself :)

To finish it up I did another "Open When" letter for Valentine's Day and I printed out 2 General Conference talks, read them myself, and marked them up and put my thoughts in the margins. I know he will enjoy his girl's insights on the talks as well :) The talks were "Being a Righteous Husband and Father" -President Howard W. Hunter and "Nurturing Marriage" -Elder Russell M. Nelson. I threw some Power Ranger valentines on top and wrote cute things on the To and From parts. I always tell him that he needs to share all the candy with the other elders too haha

I am so happy the way this turned out! I hand stitched "Hi Love" on card stock paper and I just love it!
It was very easy also. I just wrote what I wanted it to say and then poked holes tracing along the letters. I grabbed my needle and tread and stitched the thread through the holes. Then I went back over it again so it would be a solid line, but I think it looks cute either way!

After I stitched it all up...I really didn't know how I was going to use it haha So this is what I ended up doing. I cut it out and used it for the box! (Sorry it is so blurry....)

And with that my ideas flowed and Mickey and Minnie came into the picture! I had the stitched word mean to be sort of "in between" Micky and Minnie as if they are saying it to each other haha anyways here is the rest of the cuteness!

And of course I had to write him some more cute words to him ♥

This package was really fun, but it was a lot of work just because I had a lot of handmade things but, that is ok because it was fun and it kept me busy! I am soo excited for him to get it and to know what he thought about it :) Especially the Yoda Valentine haha 
Let me know your thoughts on this and if you want to take any ideas from here GO FOR IT! 

Cody also sent me a little something and of course I can't open it until Valentine's Day haha so here I am waiting still, but a couple days for a Missionary Girlfriend is a piece of cake! He is the sweetest and I love him to death...and even after that hehe  Cody is my best friend and I wouldn't choose anybody else! He has put so much into our relationship and has always forgiven me for my mistakes. I know he loves me unconditionally as do I for him ♥
Together Forever
Never Let You Go

Stay strong girlies!