Holiday Set #2

This year I decided to get a new Christmas dress and once I spotted this dress in the window of  Down East Basics I was in love...haha seriously though...this dress was going to be in my closet soon. When I first saw it, I was with a bunch of my friends at the mall and I didn't think I had enough money for it plus I just didn't want to try it on...just too much trouble when you have layers and layers of clothing on during the winter. Something just wouldn't leave me though...I just loved this dress and it was just so perfect the Christmas that was  coming up and it was MODEST! It went past my knees and it was actually really cute. Time went by and we ended up leaving, but my mind was still holding onto this dress. A few days later I told my mom about it and showed her it on the internet. She loved it too (That never happens! We can hardly agree on things when it comes to fashion haha) So we raced on down to Down East and got the dress. I was planning on paying for it, but she said she would buy it for me for Christmas. This dress is just so perfect and I can wear it on my mission! :)

Finally I found my red lace dress ♥