1, 2, 3, 4 months down!

Holy cow! Has it been 4 months down already?! haha now it is actually close to 5 months! Time really is flying by, but I really can't say it has been easy. This month has actually been the hardest. I think things are starting to finally hit me and set in now. Things like, "My best friend is gone. What do I do now?"
"Who can I tell this funny story to that will actually care..?"
"I need someone to talk to that will just sit and listen, but at the same time will comfort me and hold me."
Ya so this month has definitely hit me hard...BUT nothing has made me even give a second thought about giving up. There are many moments in my day where I am in a hard situation and I would like to take an easy way out, but there is always that one person who motivates me to keep going, to be better than that. I often (like really a lot in my day) think about what Cody would want me to do...how he would want me to act and what advice he would give me for that certain situation. I always want to just keep becoming the best wife that Cody deserves. I just think of the future in mind and think about if getting through this trial can help me grow to be better for Cody. Also, when I am being pouty (ha embarrassing to admit, but yes, there are days) or feeling sorry for myself, or not standing up for myself, I always think "How would I act if Cody were right here with me...would he be attracted to this?" This always helps me to perk up and realize that as Cody is growing on his mission and becoming a man, I need to grow as well and become a mature woman that he deserves. I hope all this makes sense...this is all really what helps me get through those stupid days. A really good friend of mine needed some advice a while ago and I told her the summary of this. I figured it was pretty good advice because she loved it so I thought I would share on here too so others can be helped as well.
As you think about it...this can also be applied to Christ. The phrase..."What would Jesus do" kind of is similar to all this and definitely should be thought about too!
So with all the good and hard times that have been brought up these past 4 months, I am still so deeply in love with my best friend and I am so proud of him. He is my support and I am his. I love this song sung by Jason Mraz called,"I Won't Give Up". It also really helps me to keep going because any amazing relationship is never worth just throwing away :)

So here is my traditional countdown picture...haha I am trying to become more creative. He loved it though so that is all that matters :p

And....about a week later we left the 600s! Woot Woot! :) Happy girl right here!

No matter what you are doing the time is always passing so CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

Keep Waiting :)