Wardrobe Set #2

This is one of my most favorite outfits that I created myself about 2 summers ago. I was walking around at Old Navy just looking around at their clothes and such, not really finding anything I absolutely loved. Then I saw this dress, it was a blue strapless dress that was tiered and had a floral print. I loved it, but I was afraid to look at the price tag as it wasn't in the clearance section. Ugh $30.00! For this little summer dress...? I didn't have money for that! I was bummed because it was perfect and I had just the right items to add to it. I decided to go back later during the week with more money, hoping maybe the price would go down. Luckily, I had enough money for it and I think it got marked down to maybe about $25.00. Still a little pricey for this particular dress, but I definitely have gotten my moneys worth of it. :)

This outfit is one of my best creations yet. I always wear it with the black cardigan I mentioned in my last post (Wardrobe Set #1). In the summer it is a little different, I don't wear the tights and I replace the boots with my cute silver sandals I have. I will get to those later.

I usually wear the black ribbon it came with around my waist, but I need to fix a few things so that the ribbon will stay on. The ribbon does complete the outfit though, I must say. Now the cardigan, I would wear it open to show the ribbon, but I have realized that it looks better closed since the ribbon is not available for now. I just think it looks a little funny with it open, but I am still not sure.

Um ya...still working on my camera skills..haha :)

I love these tights. They are super warm and I wear them often in the winter. They have a nap feel to them, like ridge textured. I received them for a Christmas or birthday present, but I am not quite sure. They probably came from Kohl's, but it was a long time ago.

After gathering all these items and creating this outfit, I felt pretty confident. I felt that this was a great success and it inspired me to keep going and create more. I often sketch ideas as well with clothes I don't have and hope to someday put them together as well. Thanks for reading :)

emily sarah ♥