Wardrobe Set #1

As you know creating my outfits is one of my most favorite things in the morning. Last week I had a few outfits I had put together and I felt pretty good about them. One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE white jeans. They are so fun and I love to wear soft pinks, deep reds, and navys with them. Last Thursday I put together kind of a holiday look. Blacks, reds, and, whites were all included. My top was a deep red tank top that is tiered with layers of lace. I added a simple black cardigan and a silver bow necklace to it. My white jeans and black knee length suede boots completed the look. Please forgive me for my "not so professional pictures", but here is one of many of my creations :)

This picture is not the best, the color is a little off, but here is the my top. I love this tank top, I have worn it alot, maybe too much that it is starting to look a little old :/ haha. I purchased this tank top at 5.7.9 at my local mall. I think I bought it for about $14.99...maybe $7.99...haha it was about 2 summers ago so it is hard to remember. I am so glad I bought this though, it has given me a lot of compliments :)

The black cardigan is lovely too :) I wear it with so many outfits that I wish I had more of these. They are so simple and they go with everything. It just buttons up and is 3/4 sleeved. I found this at JC Penny for I am thinking about $12.99 to $15.99. Again it was a long time ago hehe.

And my wonderful silver bow necklace was purchased at American Eagle. "It was a buy one get one free" deal so this necklace was free! This receives a lot of compliments too :)

Here are the amazing white jeans...I am actually wearing them right now ha. These jeans are so comfortable, but the downside is you need to be careful where you sit and such, white is attracted to everything haha so far I have been able to keep them white and take care of them. I did not get the jeans at the greatest price, but I needed them so it was worth it. $19.99 at Rue21.

My boots are the typical suede black knee length boots that every girl has. They are cute and go with almost everything, but I haven't been too happy with them. They are not the best quality as they will begin to sag and fall down, they just start look really sad basically haha. Typically, they have only lasted me a year every time. I bought my first pair and they looked this way by summer....they aren't snow worthy of course. I would say these kind of boots would be better to just wear in the fall and then for the winter, if you have snow or have any sort of wet winter, move on to a more durable boot if you want these to last more than 6 months to a year. Within the past 2 years, I have purchased this kind of boot twice and this year I am going to just go find some leather looking boots. (Need help finding some that are affordable and good quality. If anyone can help please let me know!) Anyway, the second time I bought these I found them at Kohl's for about $30.00. They are the Candies brand. I really wanted gray ones instead, but couldn't ever find any in stock, so I settled for black ones again.

I have curled my hair and done cute little ringlets with this outfit too. My make up is mostly just simple, smokey eye. Still too scared to try the bold red lip stick, but maybe one day. I'm not too sure if that would look good or not though. We will see :)
The items I hope to find and buy in the future would be some sort of white lacy tights (can't seem to find these anywhere). I would really like to try the colored jeans as well, they seem really fun too. I am in desperate need of new boots haha ones that will last. Those motorcycle type jackets, I'm not quite sure what they are called, but they seem to be in right now. I love the look of them though. I think those long pea coats that you would wear with a dress are soo adorable. Especially when they have ruffles on them haha I love ruffles. I am keeping an eye open for any of these clothing items and hope to add them to my closet soon. If you have any questions on fashion/beauty just ask! Have a wonderful day and hope to talk to you soon!

emily sarah ♥