The First Package

So after 2 months I finally got together a package to send to my wonderful missionary. It took my creativity a while to spark up, but it finally happened :) There isn't any specific theme to this is a "just because" package full of randomness and love. I sent it out Thursday morning and it was supposedly delivered to him yesterday (Saturday) so I am super excited to know what his reaction was when opening it on Monday when he emails me...If he gets it before then, hopefully he does.

I decided to do the "open when" letters. I loved this idea and thought he would really have fun with these. These are what took the most time because honestly when I would sit down to write the letter my mind would go completely blank! Once I started going though everything got easier and I had letters coming out of my ears haha. I had to stop myself and realize that that was enough letters for now because Christmas is just around the corner and I needed to save the rest of the creativity for then. :p

 The "open when..." titles I came up with were:
You need to know how much I love you.
You need to know my testimony
You are sick
It's a good day
You need a laugh
It's a bad day
You need encouragement
It's Thanksgiving

Other titles that I came up with that I want to do in the future are:
You can't sleep
You miss me
It's (Insert Holiday)

I also found this cute ribbon at Hobby Lobby and I thought it was quite appropriate for all this! :)
 (This picture won't rotate sorry, haha you have to tilt your head)

I bought these at the elementary's book fair. They are just silly pens for him and his companion. Thought they would enjoy them. I also found a multicolor pen for Cody to mark his scriptures with.

Decided last minute to throw some Kool-Aid in there since it is still summer there haha

This is probably my favorite part of the package! He loves his chapstick so I decided to customize them. Haha I know he will enjoy these! :)

We both love Mac and cheese a lot and I know he can just go buy it at the store there, but I knew it would be 10x more special coming from his girl so I stuffed these in as well.

Somehow I fit everything in here! haha

Keep waiting girlys! It is all so worth it ♥