Today marks 2 months since my sweet missionary walked into the MTC. It has honestly gone by fast for me because I have been super busy with my 2 jobs and getting stuff ready to send to him. I know it won't always be this easy. There are going to be times when it feels that the days are inching along and this will never end, but I am trying my best to not dwell too much on those kinds of days. I just read his letters when I need some lifting up and they always comfort me and give me the hope and faith that I need to keep going. Prayer has also been such a big part in this. Cody and I totally couldn't do all this without our Heavenly Father's help. He is always there for us no matter what and I know from many experiences that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy. Praying to Him always gives me the comfort I need that Cody will be safe while we are apart and that things will be ok. One of my favorite quotes that can explain this, "Everything will be alright in the end, if it's not alright then it is not the end".  Many of us wonder why we get the trials we do, but we always must think of the end in mind. How will this experience help me in my future? I know that being apart from Cody is just a little part of my life. It isn't going to last forever. I know it will be so worth it and I know that I (or him, depending on who comes home first from their mission :p) will be right there waiting in the airport when he arrives home ♥

Ok Ok...it has only been 2 months ha so what! Time has still flown by... :)