1 year and 6 months FULL of adventures

1 year and a half.
18 months.
78 weeks.
547 days.

Today Cody and I have been together a whole 18 months and I have loved every minute of it! We have become so close and he is my best friend for life. I love him and I am so proud of him for serving the Lord. Of course I wish we were able to be with each other today to celebrate this lovely day, but I know that this time apart will be all worth it in the end! I hope to be sending him a package real soon...those "open when" letters don't write themselves though. I am so excited for him to read those and I know he will love them so much. I will post those soon!
Today was quite busy. I got up for church and had my Sunday school class teach part of the lesson. I was really proud of them because I could really feel the spirit there and I knew they could feel it too! (haha I teach 13 and 14 year olds and it is not the easiest when their phone and iPod is more appealing). When I got home I went straight to the computer because I had A LOT to do and so little time! ugh! Most importantly is that I needed to get Cody's letter sent to him so it was all ready for him in the morning for is P Day. I had to be done with everything by 4:30 because my family and I were going to have dinner for my brother's birthday. So I totally went to town and didn't stop typing. I put together the cutest little picture for my man for the 1 1/2 year mark and that took some time, but I absolutely loved how it turned out. As I was finishing up his email, one of the pictures wouldn't send from my phone that I wanted to send to him. My parents were waiting for me IN THE CAR and I started panicking ..haha I really didn't need to be so dramatic though. I could have simply saved it and finished it later, but of course I accidently hit DELETE instead...oh man :( Well at least the email wasn't too long. I still had a pretty good idea of what I said so I typed all I could remember on my phone in the car. We got to my brother's house and had a nice meal. Then I had to rush over to Aeropostale because there was a holiday meeting...this was my first time working on Sunday  It was kind of weird. After that I raced home and hurry and finished Cody's letter and was able to add the photos. Everything turned out fine, but it is really different without Cody here. I miss him very much, but I have definitely seen the blessings because he is serving. My papers for my mission should be in soon. They are in the hands of my stake president so I am just waiting for his word that they are in! Very stoked and couldn't be more happy. I can't help but think that my mission will be 18 months also! Our 18 months have gone by so quick! :)

Happy year and a half my Love ♥