The love story that started it all... <3

OK, so I figured I should finally write about the love story since people often ask about it. I want to tell the whole thing...not just the summary I constantly use on Facebook haha :)
It all began in the fall of 2010. It was my junior year in high school and I still really didn't know my place in this school. Most of my friends had gone to another high school and so I still had a closed mind about my high school. I would always beg my parents to let me go to the other school because I had no friends and I missed my ex-boyfriend (who was totally over me haha). But day after day they would just tell me no and that I needed to be at CHHS because they had a better feeling about it. Eventually I just gave up and decided to just try to enjoy it. 
I never looked forward to seminary because the last 2 years of seminary weren't the best experiences. My teachers were just not working for me and so that just made things worse. My first day in seminary as a junior went so well. I remember my teacher, Brother Dalby, totally changed my perspective of seminary and he helped me learn to love it again. His lessons gave me a better desire to want to know about the Church and to become more Christlike in my life. I started to love seminary and looked forward to it everyday. But I am getting off subject here... right about that boy I often mention in my other posts... :)
Well, it was that first day in Brother Dalby's class and I had gone straight to a desk by the wall. We all sat down and class began to start. The devotional was given and then Brother Dalby got up to speak a little about his family and then wanted all of us to introduce ourselves..."Oh great", I thought. "I hate getting up in front of the class". As each person introduced themselves and it snaked through the class, there was one person that really stood out to me. I had noticed him before class and thought he looked quite nice and figured that it was just the first day so everyone tried to look their best, but he was quite a cutie as well :) When it was time for him to stand my heart started to race. He stood up from his desk and said, "Hi, my name is Cody Taylor and I am a sophomore". (haha yep he is younger than me :) ) Our teacher approached him and asked what the special occasion was. Cody had looked down and realized the teacher was talking about his slim tie that he had carefully tied that morning. He answered and said,"Oh nothing, I just enjoy wearing ties". Right then and there my heart skipped a beat and I fell for him. So handsome and perfect. Such a gentleman. Not afraid to be himself.
The rest of class I just kept watching him. I didn't want to come out to be that creepy girl though so I said nothing. I was as quiet as a mouse as I observed him that day. I noticed he could draw very well. He was an artist just like me! That first day is something I will never forget because that's the very first moment that I saw him. My one true love. My eternal companion....but lets not get ahead of ourselves here...haha I hadn't even talked to the guy yet!
So I don't exactly remember when we started talking, but he had a friend Steven who was really outgoing. He was also in our seminary class and he would start talking to me and telling me about Cody. I think one night when Steven and I were texting I had told him I liked Cody and I wanted to know if he liked me back. I don't think Steven ever told me or could really find out, but he definitely was trying to hook us up haha. So thank you Steven! But 
Cody was still 15 years old so we couldn't really go on any dates yet. Cody and I did exchange numbers and add each other on Facebook. We would talk every once in a while, but we kind of 
drifted from each other and lived our own separate lives. 
New Years Eve came around and I got a text from him. I remember that day almost perfectly! He was wondering if I was going to go to the Stake dance that night to celebrate the new year. I really hadn't thought about it, but now I was considering it haha. I couldn't believe he still had my number and remembered me. Things just kind of dropped with us I had thought. So I told him that I was thinking about it and that it would be fun to dance together. He mentioned that he might bring his little brother because he didn't want to go alone, but he wasn't sure if he could. Well of course I didn't want to go if he wasn't after a few hours of mind changing, he decided not to of course I didn't go either. We ended up just hanging out with our own least I did.
After that we never talked or texted for a while. I think he deleted his Facebook too and got a new one for some reason. 2011 went by without really speaking. I would see him from time to time with another girl and honestly I remember just feeling a little jealous but saying to myself, "He looks happy so I am happy for him". My senior year started and he was a junior. I dated a lot of guys (jerks) and ended up getting hurt a lot. My senior year had so many ups and downs, but I grew up a lot...I am so grateful for Cody at the time that he came back into my life. I really needed him and needed someone that wasn't ever going to hurt me again. In December 2012 to about March 2013 I had been on and off with this other guy and it was so exhausting. I couldn't handle it all anymore because he just couldn't make up his mind. He wasn't the best guy for me anyways.
 On April 7, 2012, Cody had commented on one of my photos on Facebook after he had added me a few weeks before. He pretty much told me I was cute and gave me his number again. We texted a lot and caught up on our lives a bit. He was so sweet and funny, but I still wasn't sure if I was ready to jump into another relationship because of my past. I didn't want to get hurt again. I remember one night he was asking me if I would give him a second chance and I was jumping for joy. We started actually talking to each other at school haha. We would talk about each others interests and found out we had a lot in common. We started a race to see who could read "The Hunger Games" the fastest...and just silly things like that. I really noticed that we started out as just becoming really good friends. Many of the past guys in my life would just jump into an immature love and romance and that never created the right kind of healthy connection. Cody and I had such a great friendship, but it was just right that it wouldn't ever turn into the friend zone. Anyways...I am totally getting off track here...mybad :/
So Cody and I ended up having our first date on April 20, 2012! We found out that we both liked the cheesy Disney movie "Starstruck" so we ended up watching that. The night went very well and I made sure I took some pictures of us! It was the first date! So important! Although they were taken with my really crappy phone at the time haha but they are still adorable ♥

He sent this to me later that night after he went home hehe

After that awesome first date we have been best friends ever since. We have been through so much and still have stayed strong together. On May 10, 2012, Cody asked me to be not only his best friend, but his girlfriend and to be with him forever! Since then our relationship has only gotten stronger and we have had many adventures together. Our first kiss was on my birthday, May 25, birthday present ever! haha 
At the end of May I graduated and he still had one more year of high school. I started my first year of college while he started his last year of high school. That was a little hard because we weren't able to see each other at school anymore, but I went and visited him when I could. We both got through that year and life started to speed up like crazy. Our last summer together went by too fast! We were able to do everything we wanted to do before the summer ended though so that made me happy. Before I knew it Cody would be leaving for his mission 2 weeks after summer would end. It did sneak up quite fast, but I think we all were ready. Cody left for the MTC on September 11, 2013 and it has been the best blessing yet :) I am so proud of him and I love getting his letters and being able to see him grow so much! We have both grown closer to our Heavenly Father so much and I don't feel apart from Cody a whole lot because I know I have Heavenly Father there for me to comfort me and to listen to me in times of doubt. This is definitely not easy...I can tell you that, but I know it will be soo worth it! "God never said it would be easy, He said it would be worth it" and "God never will give you a trial that you can't handle and get through". I know that Cody and I can both do this! We just both stay busy and focus on now. Although it has only been about a month and a week since he left...I know I won't always be this positive. I love everything that we have together and
I don't believe in just giving up and throwing it all out the window. This is a favorite quote of mine that keeps my spirits up at times of doubt. 

I have been working on turning in my own mission papers and I am hoping to have them in by November 1. I do plan to leave for my mission 6 months after Cody and I really hope to see him shortly after we both get back around the same time. This will be so good for both of us and our relationship. I have such a strong desire to serve, I am not just going because he went or to pass the time. I need to make that clear because some people think that. I know that those wouldn't be the right reasons to go anyway. I really do want to go and share the gospel with others. It has blessed my life tremendously and I want everyone else to be able to experience that similar love and feeling for the Church and gospel. I love this gospel, the teachings, and the standards that are set. I can't wait to get out there and serve just like Cody. He has been such a great example to me and I can't wait to be able to be in his arms again. Thanks for reading my novel haha Love you all!