It has already been one whole month since my sweetheart left for the MTC and I hardly even noticed! I have been super busy lately though because I work two jobs, but it is just what I need to help make time fly by faster :) I have so much fun when the 11th of each month roll by because I get to use my somewhat creative mind to countdown! I have seen other MGs do this and it made me so excited to start and be persistent every month with it. Somehow this also makes things go by because I have fun doing it. 
This first month I was totally not prepared and had no idea what I was going to do. Seriously this was so last minute and I did it all in 3 hours haha. That day I had my jobs back to back and I really wanted to do it all outside, but I knew it wasn't going to happen because it gets dark faster now. Also I needed someone to help me take the photo, but things just weren't working out. After I got home from my last job around dinner time, I quickly through my posters all together and was lucky enough to discover a timer on my phone. I took the photos all by myself haha
One month down! 23 more to go!! :)

emily sarah ♥