I adopted a zebra!!!

Hello everyone! Hope your day has been good. This weekend was a really great and spiritual filling few days. I was able to watch General Conference while my sweetheart was watching it all the way in Florida. I felt so close to him as I heard the words of the speakers and as they talked a lot about missionaries. I couldn't help, but think of him a lot and what I will be doing in a few months when I get out to serve as well. I was able to spend the night with his mom on Saturday night and watch the morning session on Sunday with her. It was so fun to be able to spend time with her and to have a fun little slumber party! I love talking about our missionary together and laughing and crying together. We grow together so much and I am so grateful to have his mom in my life and to be able to support each other. It is a good support team we have created :) Today I got an email from my darling and it was so exciting :) He can directly email me and I am so excited!! I am so proud of him and love that he is building up his testimony and being able to share with others. I love him so much and miss him...2 years will fly by though! He has been there almost 1 whole month! 23 more months to go until we meet again! ♥

Ok ok...So you are probably wondering about this pet zebra I have mentioned... :) well if you haven't already seen it on Instagram then I shall tell you about it :) So my missionary's mom used to work at a school and she left this last June. She took all of her stuff back to her house and there happened to be a big piece of art that she was able to keep and bring home...It is so hard to explain so I will just show you!....

So I am currently using it for a headboard and I am loving it! It goes perfect with my room and I love zebras anyways! So thank you so much to her! :)
More updates on the love of my life very soon ♥

emily sarah ♥