Where are you Fall?!

I got a couple new things this past week at Aeropostale that finally got marked down. I really want the weather to get colder soon so I can wear these items without looking silly haha. The weather has been crazy and it seems it just can't decide what to stay on! It will pour for like 10 minutes and then be 100 degrees again! So frustrating haha

First I got this super cute scarf! I have already worn it so many times. :p

This is my all time favorite though! I have been wanting a motorcycle style jacket for quite sometime now and I just loved this one. Ya my room isn't the cleanest...you know we have all been there! Also notice my new phone case! :) 

Just showing an up close on my jacket...my mirror is disgusting..grr I will go clean that haha

Thanks for reading...err I need to blog more...I promise I will.. :)

emily sarah ♥