The Fishtail

So I recently have fallen in love with the fishtail braid and I have been dying to learn the how tos on this one. No one ever seemed to want to teach me and so I went to the lovely YouTube. Well I just really got frustrated with it because I just couldn't get it to look right! It was like one of those pins on pinterest with the "nailed it" pictures haha. Well luckily my awesome friend at work offered to just do it for me. I was totally fine with that, I just wanted it in my hair. While she was braiding mine I practiced on my other friend and I started to understand it a lot better. Anyways I am super excited about this and will now be doing this a lot with my long brunette hair :)

I definitely did not do this!

This is what I did...although I kind of cheated because my hair was wet hehe.

I love fishtails!

emily sarah ♥