Missionary Girlfriend

So about a week ago, I came across a ring on Pinterest that was perfect for that missionary girlfriend. It was a ring that had any state of your choice on it and you could have a heart where ever on the state, particularly the city or area your missionary was going to serve in. I instantly fell in love with this and wanted it because it was just so perfect as my boyfriend will be leaving soon for his mission, which I am very proud of him for choosing to do this :)

So I clicked on the link and it took me to Etsy. I have heard of Etsy, but I have never really dived into it quite like this because I had never actually ordered anything online myself. It would always be through a family member because I didn't have that special kind of card that can buy just about everything haha. Well I finally did get a debit card and I must admit, this was the first purchase I made online by myself! Yay me! haha Well anyways, I researched more about these "State Love Rings" and found a lady in Australia selling it for $60.00 plus shipping...yikes! No way was this tiny little ring worth that much! It wasn't even a real expensive metal. I noticed that there was also a very cute necklace where it just had the state hanging on a chain, but that was 5 bucks more. I was kind of sad and disappointed and was going to just forget the whole idea. Maybe just make one of those state T-shirts or something.

This kept bugging me though and I knew there was something out there that wasn't so expensive. So the next day I got back on to Etsy and searched more. Finally I found a few more other people that sold them also and they weren't that bad of price. I decided that getting a necklace would be the best so I found one that I loved. It had all the same features as the necklace sold in Australia, but half the price. This is still a bit pricey for just a little necklace, but this was as cheap as it was going to get unless I found a store that sold them locally which wasn't likely. This person was a lot closer as they actually lived in the United States so I filled out all the information and purchased the necklace. I felt so adultish after that haha.

It came pretty fast! Ordered it on Wednesday and it came on Friday! It was so perfect because I was able to wear it and show it off at my boyfriend's graduation. It sure was a big hit and everyone loved the heart on the city feature. :)

So here it is! Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

emily sarah ♥