Lace Obsession

Lately, I have been in love with lace, well I have always loved it, it is something that never really will go out of style, but anything with just so beautiful. :) I have been trying to get my hands on those lace tights, preferably either black or white. I can't see to find them anywhere and it does frustrate me, but I know I am probably looking in the wrong places and stores. The basic reason for them is to wear under my jeans that have become old and are starting to have holes. The look with the lace shown underneath looks cute in my opinion...instead of having just old holey and ripped jeans, it gives it a more finished look. Well anyway, I have not been able to find any tights so far so to the fabric store I went to find my own lace to sew it into my jeans instead...same concept. :) Harder than it looks though! But the I love :) So today I am showing you one of my first experimental sewing projects without any teachers, no assignments, just me deciding to try something new and fun. (Although I do miss those sewing assignments ha)

So I used my favorite jeans I got a long time ago that finally started showing a big hole. These are super comfortable and have so many memories so I want to keep them longer. I did look up some instructions on how to sew the lace in, but didn't follow it for very long...probably after the second step. lol I had my own ideas. First I cut out a square from some denim my mother had. I cut it slightly bigger than the hole so it covers it completely. I got the lace from the fabric store from one of those racks with all the ribbon. There are bigger portions of lace that actually come on the fabric bolt, but those are very expensive for right now so I was lucky to find some that was still wide enough, but also more affordable. I bought black and white lace and hoping to purchase some on the bolt in the future so I can always have some lace on hand..just in case :)

(From now on I am using my digital camera, I promise!)

There were many ways to sew this lace in the hole, some more durable than others, but I mostly just wanted the look of it. (Wearing lace tights underneath look) Something more flattering than an ugly hole right? I decided to take the denim square and make sort of a window in it so it becomes a border and a reinforcement. Then I sewed the lace on to the denim square which covered the window somewhat. I probably could have just sewn in the lace right in the jeans....but like a said this was my first attempt and next time I definitely will change a few things because my lace has actually already ripped a little bit...oops! haha but it is an easy fix.

It was a little challenging to sew the lace and denim in because the hole was higher up on my leg. Some stitching I had to do with the old fashion needle and thread, which isn't too horrible, it just can sometimes be not the strongest. On the left and right sides I had to hand stitch it together because there was no possible way I could figure out how to sew it together. I would have stitched the front and back together and we don't want that.

Anyway I think it turned out ok. Better than I actually expected because by the second step I had no idea what I was going to do haha. A lot of people have complimented on it and many thought I was actually wearing the tights! (Score!) :). Like I said though, I do need to repair it again because it ripped at one of the edges, but I will fix it and it will still look very pretty. :) Soon I will be trying a new sewing experiment with lace again so I hope you stick around to see if it works! Love you all!

emily sarah ♥


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