Zebra Favorite

This is my favorite shirt for right now. I love the zebra print and I have almost everything in it. I am actually not a big fan of zebra print clothes, but I love this so much! My boyfriend's mother gave it to me as she was getting rid of some clothes in her closet.

It is an over-sized sweatshirt type of shirt so its pretty warm too. Love to wear it in the winter. :)

And here are my lovely newish Toms! :) (Bought them in October at Nordstroms) I mentioned these briefly in my last post. I love them and they were worth every penny...so far at least. Yes, I wear socks with them sometimes. My feet get super cold, I can't help it haha. And my socks are always cute! I love wearing my Toms with skinny jeans..which is pretty much all I wear hehe. Love you all!

emily sarah ♥