Holiday Set

I love this outfit so much and I usually wear it around Christmas because of my tights. I am working on getting more colors of  tights to change up this look. Tights are one of my favorite clothing items so I do have quite a lot :) The first two seasons of Gossip Girl inspired me to try out this look. In the TV show their dresses are quite a bit shorter, but I managed to get it as close as I could.

Starting out with the dress, this was actually made by my mother. It wasn't intentionally for me though, ha funny story, she was trying to make a simple black dress for her and she couldn't quite get the fitting right. She ended sewing up 3 dresses and the last one fit the best for her. The first two somehow ended up in my sister's closet and the other in mine. Ha so I took advantage of this fashion opportunity. This particular dress is just a simple 3/4 sleeved black dress. Stops at the kneed and ties in the back.

Oh how I love these red tights! They are my favorite and I got them at Target for only $5.00! They always have them too so I often go back and get more when I accidentally poke a hole in them from time to time. Someday I will get the courage to purchase yellow and blue ones. Yellow is my favorite color so I must have at least those, but I need to find an outfit that would work with them first. Anyway, people seemed to love my splash of red tights and it made it all pop!
My shoes are just satin black flats with a cute bow at the toe. I only wear them with tights because they give me blisters, so normally I really don't like flats at all. I have one pair, these ones, because they always hurt my feet and never stay on unless I have some sort of sock with them.

For the jewelry I wore this bracelet. It is an easy clasp and has two hearts that dangle. This bracelet means a lot to me because my boyfriend made it for me for my birthday. He made a matching necklace too which I will show you in a later post. He is very sweet to make this for me and it will be one of those items that I will keep forever. Thanks babe ♥

This is a bow necklace I got a while back, it was one of those "buy one get one free" deals. I love this necklace and love the diamond look it has. I wear this with almost everything.

And this LOVE it! I have a love for sequins and glitter..anything sparkly really :) This hat was the perfect item to top this outfit off with. I guess you really wouldn't call it a hat though. More like a beanie...maybe a beret a little bit. Well I love it and makes everything a little more festive. 

My face. I think for my make up I had dark eyes and just simple foundation and blush.

Oh! And did I forget to mention...I dyed my hair again! I have this little blonde streak I had bleached before the summer and then I will dye it a bold color. I love it so much and I receive many compliments for it. It doesn't show too much, just kind of like a "peek-a-boo" thing which I like when I don't feel like I want to catch a lot of attention to myself. I think it is a fun idea though. Not too much not too weird and crazy ha :) I love this purple. So pretty and bold. I do miss my blonde too though. I am thinking in the summer I will let it go back to blonde, but maybe I will do another color!? Who knows! :) Let me know what you think!

Love you all!
emily sarah ♥