Beauty For The Face

One of my favorite parts of the day is also putting on my make up. I love having so many different colors of eye shadow to choose from. Eyes are my favorite part actually so yes, I have a "few" colors when it comes to that. Since I love to express my eyes the most I make sure I have a good quality eye make up remover. I used to use the Mary Kay brand, but eventually I couldn't afford it every single time so I decided to search for something cheaper, but would still have the same results. Ha little did I know the remover could also be found at just my local Target...duh! This eye make up remover is just the Target brand and it was about $2 to $3 maybe. It lasts a decent amount of time. I love it though! All I have to do is right before you go to bed, shake it a bit and dab some on a cotton ball, then rub the make up off with it. So easy! There is a funny story with this actually. A while back, I was asking my sister how much it cost because I was desperately need of more. I had asked her,"How much is that eye remover?" She seemed quite confused and just looked at me funny. I didn't understand how she wasn't understanding me. She replied,"Huh?!" Confused, so I went and grabbed the old bottle I had. Well my whole family happen to be in the room as well so everyone had their laugh. "Oh eye MAKEUP remover...!" So from then on I always call it eye remover haha oh dear emily!

Oh how this has saved my face so much! :) I started using this at 15 I think, to wash my face every night and clean off all my make up. A friend of mine had some at camp and let me use some. My face felt amazing after that and I hardly have problems with zits. Just a couple here and there every once in a while, but that is all. I just get this at my local Smith's grocery store for about $4. It is pretty expensive, but it lasts a long time, for me at least.

I used to just apply foundation on with my fingers, pour or squeeze some on my finger and rub it in on my face. I hated that greasy feeling on your fingers after and it just became annoying. My boyfriend's mother told me I needed to try a foundation brush and a paint pallet. Ha never thought of that....a paint pallet? Well I guess that does makes sense. So I went and picked up these items and I love it so much more. The craft pallet was like 99 cents! It is so much easier. I felt kind of dumb because of how I just barely started using some of these other techniques, but glad it wasn't later in my life :) 

Here is the mascara, eye liner, and foundation I use. I am actually not too impressed with the foundation because it is so oily and greasy. When I use this up I am on a search for a different brand. Not too excited though, I hate trying to find a color that looks right on me...for me chances are I will get a totally wrong color haha hopefully next time I might have some help. I love this mascara. Its the blackest black and has a curved brush. That is all I need and ask for with mascara. I am very picky when it comes to eye liner. I cannot stand  pencil and I don't dare try liquid. It needs to be the crayon kind and that is what is so horrible. It is so hard to find the crayon kind in just a regular grocery store. ha I'm not made of money people. Luckily, I found e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face) at Target. Aw thank you! ha $3! That's the cheapest eye liner I have ever seen that was crayon.

I don't really use eye lash curlers, maybe if I am dressing up fancy or something, but I just thought every girl should have at least one in her life right. This an e.l.f. eye lash curler at Target for about $3.

This is a great, but expensive straightener. After going through a couple of cheap straighteners, I decided I needed to just save my money and buy a better quality one. My friend that knows a lot about beauty supplies went with me to CosmoProf. She suggested this straightener and it has been great so far. It was about $70...I think? Ha it was about a year and a half ago so I can't quite remember.

Oh my goodness! This the best part! You don't want to miss this one :) So for Christmas my boyfriend and his mother had got me this. I was actually totally surprised because of the conversation I remember so well that I had with the boyfriend one cold n snowy night. :) He had told me that he was at Ulta, but he couldn't find anything that was good enough to buy....haha I was a little bummed, but I was going to end up buying a new eye shadow set anyways. I wasn't expecting him to get me anything like this anyways. Well little did I know...when I opened this it was like a dream come true, but better. Ok so there are several different parts to this. More than I expected! :)

This is showing a few metallic eye shadows and on the side is lip gloss and creme eye shadow.

Then you open it a bit more. Beyond all that brings blush, bronzer, and shimmer. I use the soft pink blush the most! :)

Then behold, you have the complete set! More eye shadow! yes! haha He got me good! I use this everyday that I put make up on.

This is my first eye shadow set. When I first got this one it seemed soo BIG! ha I still use this too. It is loved as you can tell. This is also e.l.f. brand and I got it at Target for $5-$7 I think. I have dropped it a couple times which made me sad :( The lid broke off so when I take it places I get to duct tape it haha and the square in the very lowest left corner totally shattered and spilled everywhere in my high school bathroom one morning. I was pretty mad and it ruined my day haha which is pretty horrible. That was my favorite color dang it. But it's ok, I am over it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post about my make up and such :) I look forward to read what you think and maybe you may have some suggestions for me! Love you all!

emily sarah ♥