Daily Routine

Got my hot chocolate........ready to blog :)
Since high school graduation, things have been different between juggling college, work, and family. Being out of grade school is a very different experience haha I haven't had to get up super early for school and such, that has been nice :)

My normal daily routine goes a little like this: I really try to wake up before 10 a.m...I would really like if i could wake up at 9:30 a.m. haha. It takes me too long to try to pick out my outfit. It just must be right and make me feel good and confident. In my opinion I don't have a particular style, I will just wear anything that I think will look good together. I'm not a total fashion expert...yet :) Most of the time though, people will compliment me on my outfits so then I know I must be doing something right. In the near future I plan on posting all my outfits that were a success and all my drawings of what I someday hope to create.

Deciding what to wear in the morning is one of the most important parts of your day in my opinion (breakfast is #1 :) of course). Your outfit can set how your day may go in so many different ways. Starting your day off in something that you feel really good in is a great start to becoming positive. Then when you have gone about your day and have socialized and been around people, if you feel good in that outfit then stay that way, don't let anyone bring you down. Soon I will give some tips and tricks on how to create a safe, but amazing outfit. But honestly, the secret to fashion is there are none! There are no rules to fashion anymore. You set your own trends :)

So back to that routine...After picking that outfit, I take a shower. Now styling that hair is another story! My hair is very long and thick. I love it to death and I never dream of cutting it off, but let me tell ya! It's definitely a job to comb it all out, dry it, and style it all within maybe 45 minutes. haha I know that's probably really bad, no one should probably take that long doing their hair for just a regular day. I have long hair though so please don't judge haha. When I have hair that just had a nice trim it doesn't take me long at all to comb it all out. Blow drying it is what takes the most time. A lot of the time I don't dry it all the way because first, that would take probably an hour and second, heat is actually really not good for your hair, the less you can use heat on your hair the better your hair will behave and grow. I know from experience because when I was little I never used a blow drying. I actually hated it and didn't really know how to use it...haha oh gosh that's embarrassing. But it's true, I actually have really only started using the blow drying for only a few years. I used to just let it air dry and I would go to bed with it wet, which I do not recommend by the way. I think that is why my hair has always been so long and thick though, I hardly used heat on it. Oh! and I never dyed or bleached it! My mom never would let me do all that stuff that other girls got to do when they were young, but I am so glad she didn't let me. She kept my hair to stay beautiful and healthy all through my teenage years. I have dyed it now since I graduated, but it is only one streak, not my whole head. I never want to do that.

Make up is next. I don't have any big exotic things for make up, just the basics: foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. Not too much but the right amount to have fun with. I will apply my foundation first and then my eye shadow. I love love love eye shadow. ha I'm not one to have crazy colors, but I have fun picking the colors everyday. Most of the time I will do a smokey eye because that will go with everything as long as it is not too heavy and extreme. You can do a light smokey eye. When I was a young teen, not knowing much about make up, I used to apply too much eye shadow and lots of eye liner. Wasn't the best idea especially at that young. I finally realized that I needed to tone it down a whole lot when I got contacts for the first time. My mom did tell me many times that I needed to use less make up, but of course I didn't listen to her so I learned the hard and embarrassing way hehe. After the eye shadow, I finish off with liner, mascara, then blush. This all takes me about 10 minutes to do. I brush my teeth and I am all ready for the day.

My days consists of pinning on Pinterest, checking Facebook occasionally, eating, texting the boyfriend ♥, cracking up when babysitting my little niece and nephew, watching my TV shows (another story for another day :) ), and being a boss to lovely teenagers that I once was :) That is pretty much my day since I am out of school for now...next semester will be completely different and I hope for easy days as well! Love you all! Until next time....

emily sarah ♥