New Hobbies

Hello! It had been a while...well this past year I have developed some new hobbies so I can get out of my boring house every once in a while..(I really do love my family). In the summer I have been involved with tennis, but haven't had the guts yet to try out for the high school team. Next year? Maybe...As for the winter? Snowboarding all the way! My awesome brother, Matt, has been willing to teach me and spend a few of his Saturdays with me in the mountains. Good thing he is patient. Snowboarding has been a blast for me and I think I am getting the hang of it really well. So thank you Matt!

Strapping up
Favorite picture! We look like we know what we are doing lol

Going fast!
Love my neon pink goggles!
Me and Matt

Can't wait for the summer! :)